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The Ligon Group


Ligon Investment Group.

Ligon Investment Group is a full service Real Estate Investment Company.
We Purchase Investment Properties as well as offer Real Estate Related Services through our Network of Companies. The Ligon Group of Companies is Comprised of Licensed Brokers, Cash Home Buyers, Hard Money Lenders, Home Remodeling Experts and Real Estate Consultants.
We can assist Clients with any Real Estate related issue they may have.

About Us.

Ligon Investment Group was founded by Mike and David Ligon. The Ligon Brothers are Real Estate Investors, Consultants and Mentors. They have enriched the lives of many with their Real Estate Investment Coaching Classes and Investment Partnership Programs. The Ligon Bothers own numerous Real Estate Firms under the Parent Company of Ligon Investment Group. This allows us to assist our Clients with any Real Estate issues they may have.

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